The Power of Joy is an integrated part of Modström’s DNA.
We want to encourage our community to break free from limitations, and live their lives authentically, the way they desire. Four times a year we award The Power of Joy Prize to a person or organizations, who we believe is making a noticeable difference in their community through the importance of their work.

Modström is proud to announce GirlTalk as a recipient of The Power of Joy Prize.

GirlTalk is on a mission to improve the well-being, self worth and mental health amongst girls and young women. Since being founded in 2004, GirlTalk has had thousands of conversations with young people, who feel lonely, anxious, suicidal or depressed. Opening up to people who are close to you can be hard. Therefore GirlTalk has created a safe space, that invites young girls to reach out to them, with whatever burning questions they might have.

GirlTalk supports girls across all ethnicities, sexualities, religious beliefs and nationality, to reach their full potential and realize the resources, strengths and talents they have. Way to many young people are struggling with feelings of wrongness, anxiety and depression. GirlTalk fights for the right to be who you are and fulfill your truest potential. Their important work safes lives and creates conversations that empowers young women, to live the lives they truly want.

Modström are deeply moved and impressed by their dedication and hard work. We are very proud to announce GirlTalk as the winner of the first ‘The Power Of Joy Prize’ for 2023.


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