How do I exchange?
Do you want to exchange your item to another size please re-order at You can do thisright away and ensure that the correct size is in stock and that it won't be sold out in the meantime.

You will receive your refund as soon as possible after we have received the item. A refund usually takesbetween 3-5 business days (Monday to Friday).

What do I do if the item is no longer in stock?
If the price for the item has increased, we kindly ask you to contact our customer service with your ordernumber for your reorder, and then we will refund you the difference. Please note that the item in the neworder should be the same model and color as the one in the first order. Only size may vary.

Send your exchange to:
Prime Cargo A/S
c/o Modström ApS
Profilvej 4
6000 Kolding

Download returnform
Have you lost your returnform? Download a new one here