Modström are once again paying tribute to 'The Power of Joy' and Christianshavn - this time with a portrait series of ten women, all working at one of Christianhavns beautiful eateries. In the campaign the women are photographed at their workplace at Christianshavn. Each one of them tells about the core values they associate with their workplace, why they love working right at that place and the relation they otherwise have with Christianshavn. The ten joyful, strong and inspiring Christianshavner-Foodies are wearing outfits chosen by themselves from Modström. The portrait series also serves as a mini guide to interesting and tasteful eateries at Christianshavn, which are most definitely worth a visit.



Signe Riis-Hansen

Tell us why you love working at Donda?

Donda is a workplace where we all have a special (life) story. In general, I am very curious about people and therefore I think that especially my colleagues make it a great workplace. There is room for both the seriousness and the quirkiness that we all contain. I believe that there is a good balance between the high quality we deliver and the fact that we can all be ourselves when we are at work. I hope and believe that the guests can feel that we have fun when we are at work, while doing our best to give them a special evening. Also, of course, there is the food and the whole concept! I love to go out to eat, drink good wine and be surprised. It is truly a pleasure to bring something to the guests that we all can be proud to be a part of. I love running service and experiencing the dynamics and energy between us and the guests.

What is your relation to Christianshavn, other than work?
I have worked at Christiania for 5 years, and for many years I was spending pretty much all my time here, even though I did not live here. Work, football, friends, parties and so on. Through it all, I have learned so much about what a life also can look like and I have met people with some of the wildest life stories I have ever heard. The years I have spent here at Christianshavn have given me life experiences that I will never be without.

Signe Bagger

Graphic designer and works at Sweet Treat

Tell us why you love working at Sweet Treat?

I LOVE the feeling, that Sweet Treat is an extension of the guests' own living room! I enjoy chatting across tables and parties. In the café's intimate setting, people look each other in the eyes with friendly glances, even though they do not know each other. I love how the atmosphere at Sweet Treat is very casual. I often feel a special connection to the guests - sometimes in the form of a friendly smile or a nice remark, other times through long stories and balloon animals. Working at the café is a free space, where it is not about myself, but about creating a nice space and giving people a nice experience. It gives a lot in return! Sweet Treat represents a place where the simple but important moments that give everyday life charm and joy takes place. At Sweet Treat, everyday happiness, “hygge" and humanity are highly valued - even though the square meters are few, the heart is big and there is room for everyone.

What is your relation to Christianshavn, other than work?

When I entered the Art Academy's Design School four years ago and moved from Jutland to Copenhagen, Christianshavn quickly became the place to be during my everyday life. With the school just around the corner (on Holmen) and the work on Sweet Treat, Christianshavn has been the backdrop for everything from late-night beer and late jazz evenings to busy everyday mornings and lunch breaks by the canal. I think I can best describe Christianshavn as a friend who welcomed me with a big hug, and today we are still hugging.

Pernille René

Waiter at Christianshavns færgecafé

Tell us why you love working at Christianshavn Færgecafé?

Christianshavns Færgecafé is something very special. The unity you build as colleagues are completely indescribable. It is a cliché, but true - you become a family. I still visit even though I am not at work, just to say hello. I will probably never stop doing that. I have been involved almost from the beginning when Erik Frandsen took over. I have been able to see it all grow from primarily having the local people visit, to larger tourist gatherings. The great thing is that the place is still as local and down to earth as it was from the start. It is very special as a waitress to be greeted by guests who remembers you.

What is your relation to

Christianshavn, other than work?
I am originally from Slagelse, and therefore also had a very definite idea of what Christianshavn was - not a place I thought would be for me - but Christianshavn has changed a lot. Christianshavn is just something special. It is a bit like trying to describe the word "hygge" to a tourist. It is a feeling, a mood that can hardly be described. It is a place I come to relax, go for a walk with my husband, or have a coffee with my girlfriends. It is also a place I go swimming, eat great food and drink white wine in the summer heat.

Sallie Fupz Forchhammer

Manager at Parterre

Which core values do you associate with Parterre?
I think we have succeeded in creating a small, local oasis at Christianshavn. Many of our neighbors are also our regular guests and that means that we have naturally become an integrated part of the local area. For me, it is all about making it simple. Organic vegetables, big smiles and of course really good coffee.

Tell us why you love working at Parterre?

I am honored to be part of the very committed local environment that Christianshavn has, which I have missed since I moved from here. It was also very touching to experience the joy from our guests when we re-opened after the COVID-19 lockdown, there was a very special feeling of support from the local community.

What is your relation to Christianshavn, other than work?

I was born and raised in Christiania and moved to live for some years in the old film school on Dronningensgade. So even though I no longer live in Christianshavn, it is my home and without comparison my favorite district of Copenhagen.

Thyra Højriis Pilegaard

Which core values do you associate with Sankt Annæ 8?

A local atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. Tasteful and honest food made of good ingredients as well as quality wine served in cozy surroundings at reasonable prices. And then it is important that everyone who works here, in their own way, has a great love for food and wine.

Tell us why you love working at Sankt Annæ 8?

People from Christianshavn are very mixed, the atmosphere is provincial and if they think that something must be said – they do! Whether it is a harsh comment or a declaration of love, it needs to be out in the open. Sometimes it is annoying, but it is also very straightforward too.

What is your relation to Christianshavn, other than work?

My relation is through my work. My first job in Copenhagen was at Lagkagehuset at Christianshavn and I have worked in the area since. Although I have never lived here, this is where I feel at home, it became my place to be and I came to know many locals. Lagkagehuset was the only bakery at that time, and everyone had to get their bread from some place and who does not like a happy smiling baker who came directly from Svendborg? I was well received and quickly felt an attachment, so it quickly became my area.

Karina Nayja Comae

CEO & Founder af The Organic Boho

Which core values do you associate with The Organic Boho?

The core values of The Organic Boho are many and we have spent a lot of time getting them clearly defined. If I must highlight some of the values that I find most important at Boho, it is definitely our integrity, passion and responsibility - We really love what we do and the responsibility that rests on our shoulders.

Tell us why you love working at The Organic Boho?

There are many things I love about working at The Organic Boho, but most of all it is meeting our customers every single day, they are so amazing telling us how much they value our concept and vision, it means everything! In addition, I am very grateful that we can be allowed to work together as a family and have a lot of positive experiences together.

What is your relation to Christianshavn, other than work?

My relations to Christianshavn is in addition to running The Organic Boho, a lot of networks in the local area - I remember when we opened, a local from Christianshavn told me that if I didn't do what I could to become a part of the local community quickly, I would probably never be accepted - Fortunately we did and we love being a part of the Boheme community out here - There is room for all kinds of people and you take care of each other.

Denise Frøidt Borkhardt

Bar manager at Nærvær

Which core values do you associate with Nærvær?

It is about the whole experience - coming to Nærvær is about being together, to enjoy and being present. Nærvær is located at Christianshavn, which is like a small village inside the big city with values that can also be transferred to Nærvær. An evening with us should feel like a breathing space from the big city's hectic life, where you can sit back, enjoy the surroundings and the service, which is down to earth and not least the good food and wine.

Tell us why you love working at Nærvær?

I love working at Nærvær because I work with quality products that I can be proud of. At the same time, there is room to be yourself, which I love. For most people in the service industry, work becomes a lifestyle and therefore it is nice to be able to be yourself.

What is your relation to Christianshavn, other than work?

Christianshavn has always been a small oase in Copenhagen, where I get the feeling of vacation and relaxation. In recent years, I have started to explore new areas of the district and it is so versatile. I especially have a feeling that the purpose of Christianshavn is to create joy, which especially this district at gives me.

Kathrine Holmegaard

Co-owner at The Packhouse

Which core values do you associate with The Packhouse?

We are three friends who have a huge passion for what we do. The seasons are something we focus a lot on when we make a new menu and, in that context, we try as much as possible to buy Danish and organic ingredients. I love spending my days on gathering fruit and herbs for the cafe. Aesthetics are also incredibly important to us. You eat first and foremost with your eyes and we really do our best to make each dish look beautiful and inviting.

Tell us why you love working at Donda?

The local community, the support and care you have for each other is completely unique. It is especially noticeable in these ‘Corona-times’ where many ask how we are and really wish us all the best. In addition, it is great to start the day with a cup of coffee and the view of the canal.

What is your relation to Christianshavn, other than work?

Before we opened The Packhouse, I had no real relation to Christianshavn, but now it has really opened my eyes to this charming district which has almost become my second home.