”The Power of Joy” is integral to Modström’s DNA. We inspire our
community to break free from limiting societal limitations and live authentically according to their desires and beliefs. 

Four times a year, we award The Power of Joy Prize to individuals
or organizations who make a significant contribution and difference in their community through the impact of their work. 

Modström is proud to award The Power of Joy Prize to Fluid Festival. 

Fluid Festival is a Danish festival taking place in the same week as Copenhagen
Pride. They are on a mission to challenge the stereotypical festival lineups and exclusively book LGBTQIA+ Women, genderqueer and non-binary artists to perform on stage. As the founding duo behind Fluid Festival, Janne Juul & Eva Bøggild, lost their patience for the more significant festival to book these artists, they decided to take matters into their own hands. 

We are impressed by their tireless work for representation and equality within the Danish festival industry, their commitment to their community and the new doors they are opening to a wide range of fantastic contemporary
artists and performers.

Fluid Festival is free and open to all from August 16th – 19th at
Vor Frue Plads in the heart of Copenhagen.

The winner of The Power of Joy Prize in june

Fluid Festival